Netoge no Yome Volume 6 Epilogue and Afterword

Reminder that if you like the work, you should support the author by buying the books. You can buy Netoge no Yome volumes at Amazon, CDJapan, or even the Kadokawa Bunko Digital Store. Without support, niche works like these are just going to end up disappearing and all that would be left is trashy run-of-the-mill isekai.

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Before anything else, I’d just like to mention that if anyone has HIGH QUALITY RAWS for Netoge’s Volume 7 and 8, do let me know as I don’t plan on working on translating them until I get better copies of the illustrations than what I have now. If it’s the same quality as ones in Nyaa or worse, I easily have access to that, but that’s not what I’m looking for. For starters, I’m looking for full-page spreads that don’t have the tear physical scans do and probably something as good of a quality as the illustrations for the current volume.


ilust 9

Now then, with that out of the way, let’s get on to the release. As I’ve said, I won’t be working on the succeeding volumes until I someone provides better raws. That aside, here comes the end of another volume. Overall, to me it was a really great volume which gave everyone a bit of the spotlight with a great introduction to the second to the last of the main cast. Yes, Netoge only has one more unintroduced main character left. Most other ones introduced besides that other one will still be significant, but will not have as much screen time. That all said, I believe Mizuki is a pretty interesting character, but it’s depressing how she doesn’t have much time in the spotlight later on. This is definitely the most screen time Mizuki has had in any volume up to 20 (haven’t read 21 yet because my copy still hasn’t arrived due to corona shenanigans).

On a different story, our group immediately finished D2 in GTFO after about 3 or 4 runs that we got to E1 almost right away after finishing D1. We did reach past the you-know-what later on in that level too but the RNG is just too wild after that part. Also, it gets really hectic so I suppose we’ll just have to practice some more. I also pretty much just farmed everything I could in Daemon X Machina, so I’m looking to play some Deep Rock Galactic once we’re done with GTFO. If you guys are interested in playing any of the above together though, do hit me up on Steam. My username is pretty much the same as here anyway.

reverse minesweeper

With everything out of the way, let me know if there are errors in this release and do enjoy the finale to Volume 6.


P.S: I’m also thinking of not translating the Noob Ako bits anymore seeing as how few people read it anyway.

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